One Simple Goal

Fibre Safe Ltd has one simple goal, To Protect Life: working to create an environment in which people can live safe from the silent killer… ‘Asbestos’.

We are entirely focused on ensuring that our customers receive a safe, compliant and high quality service. Your rights, safety and reputation are of utmost importance to us and their protection is our primary objective.

As part of our mantra we promise to protect:

  • Our staff carrying out works
  • Our clients during the works
  • Those in the wider community affected by our work
  • The environment in which we live and work
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Philip Keary Fibre Safe
Philip Keary
Managing Director
The death toll of asbestos related deaths is expected to rise from 4000 per year to 10,000 in the UK alone. We are dedicated to raising awraness not only in the construction industry, but also with landlords, home owners, local authorites and even in our classrooms.
  • We regularly undertake free asbestos seminars for the local community
  • We employ guest speakers such as relatives of those affected by asbestos diseases
  • We carry out numerous classroom exercises with teachers to raise awareness
  • We created the Safe School Campaign back in 2004 and relaunched it in 2011
  • We work closely with local councils to help them achieve compliance
  • We provide free advice & guidance to home owners