Clean Air Tests

The provision of analytical air tests to UKAS standards can be undertaken by our team to highlight any potential respirable airborne asbestos fibres within an area. The works are undertaken on site by running a pump within the project area, which is then analysed in the back of the site vehicle by the analyst. An instant result is available, and copies of the certificate are available both electronically and in hard copy format.

Analytical air testing can be undertaken for a number of reasons:

  • Following planned removal of asbestos materials
  • Following accidental disturbance of asbestos materials
  • Following extensive & intrusive damage during a survey
  • In cases of suspected contamination within an area of vehicle
Fibre Safe worker at Vauxhalls surveying and air testing

Asbestos testing is conducted in accordance with HSG 248 and our in-house procedures. Documented evidence, which provides a full audit trail for the works, is maintained throughout the duration of the project and is ultimately presented as a Project Completion Pack (or as part of a Health and Safety Pack).

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