Domestic Asbestos Removal

I have asbestos in my home and I'm worried

Don’t worry too much because it is estimated that over 65% of homes in the U.K contain some form of asbestos materials. Many of these are easily identifiable such as asbestos cement sheds, flue pipes, roof tiles and fascias.

Asbestos Removal

Our team can carry out removal of asbestos products from the property in a professional, discrete and safe manner. We have experience in removing asbestos from both private & social housing and are working with local authorities in conjunction with other trades.

Remember, although not all asbestos has to be removed by a specialist asbestos company; it is best removed by an appropriately trained, equipped and qualified company in order to guarantee safety during the works. The work still has to be done to a strict specification set by the HSE, which unfortunately many builders do not tend to follow; placing both the workers and occupants of the house at risk.

Asbestos Removal Cost

How much does it cost?

This is perhaps the question that we get asked most and unfortunately there is no simple answer. Its a bit like ringing up an estate agent and asking how much a house is i.e its going to depend on size, location, accessibility, time etc.

Fibre Safe worker reoving asbestos
Fibre Safe worker
The best thing you can do is give our adviser as much information on the phone as possible and we can most likely provide you with a cost that day. In some cases a site visit may be required in order to establish if specialist access equipment is required or there is a danger to the public. In all cases our quotations are free and can be sent by email or post.