Sheds & Garages

My house has an asbestos garage. Is it safe to use?

The garage or shed in question would be safe to use providing that the roof, and or walls are in satisfactory condition and are encapsulated internally. If there is any damage to the asbestos this will cause fibres to be released and further the spread of asbestos.

In addition, if the inside of the roof is not encapsulated with paint it will also begin to degrade and release fibres into the area especially after abrasion or knocks.

If the garage is damaged and looks to be in a relatively poor condition you should consider removal and can contact us for a free quotation.

Fibre Safe worker removing roofing

How much is asbestos garage or shed removal?

The price can vary dramatically based upon the size and quantity of the asbestos. Shed roofs start from around £300 whilst garage roofs start from £400, however for a exact quote you will need to contact us so that one of our team can visit the site and price accordingly. This is always the best option as you can ask the operative any questions you may have regarding the removal process.

When you remove my asbestos roof ​ can you replace it with a new one?

Yes, we are able to remove your old roof and fit a new roof made from a variety of materials. Our operatives consist of a variety of tradesman including joiners & roofers who can put a new roof on using Cement Sheet, Roof Tiles, Aluminium or Felt & Baton. We can also take away your whole garage or shed and fit a new flat pack option for you. The best choice is to talk to one of our team on site so that they can measure up & discuss a variety of options with you.

Will asbestos removal cause health effects?

No. Our operatives remove the asbestos using strict procedures set by the Health & Safety Executive. In addition, precautions are taken so that no fibres are released during the removal process and all waste is disposed of in accordance with the Hazardous Waste Regulations. We can also remove the asbestos when no one is home providing that we have access to the garden for our operatives to work.

Can I take down my asbestos garage or shed myself?

Yes anyone can take down and remove their own asbestos shed, however there are serious health implications if not done correctly. The asbestos must be removed so that no fibres are released during the works and specialist suits & masks must be worn during the removal. Please note that these are not the cheap paper masks and suits that are bought from DIY stores, but specialist equipment designed specifically for asbestos particle protection. In addition to this, you must also dispose of the waste in accordance with the Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005 which means double bagging all of the asbestos in polythene and disposing of it at a registered & approved sites.

Would you like your asbestos roof replaced with a new one or your garage replaced with new decking?

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Our multiskilled work force are able to provide you with a free quotation for any remedial works that you require which includes roof replacement, bespoke garages or summer houses and home office pods.

All works are carried out by time served tradesman who are competent to undertake the job and have a proven track record in this field of work.

Contact our office on 0800 458 4136 for further details.