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Artex & Textured Paints

Determining if your Artex contains Asbestos

Artex and Textured Paints are a non homogonous material, which means it is extremely difficult to determine if asbestos is present within the product. To confirm this we will take a variety of samples from around the room and use latest technology within the laboratory to help ensure a precise result.

The sample process will not leave any holes or discernible marks in the area taken. In the unfortunate instance that the analysis highlights that asbestos is present. We are able to provide a number of solutions to help deal with this should you wish.


  • FULL REMOVAL of the product under controlled conditions
  • PARTIAL REMOVAL of the product under controlled conditions
  • CHEMICAL STRIP & SCRAPE of the product
Close up of Artex

Remember, although Artex which is found to contain asbestos does not have to be removed by a specialist asbestos company; it does have to be removed by an appropriately trained, equipped and qualified company in order to guarantee safety during the works. The work still has to be done to a strict specification set by the HSE, which unfortunately many builders do not tend to follow; placing both the workers and occupants of the house at risk. In addition to this, any company undertaking this work must also hold a Hazardous Waste License to transport hazardous materials as provided by the Environment Agency.

Our staff can also drill and cut into the artex under controlled conditions using tools attached to a specialist vacuum system. By using doing this we can ensure that no fibres are released and no contamination of the room can occur. We provide this service to home owners and contractors who need us to drill holes for heating pipes or chase into walls. For further information on this service call us on 0800 458 4136.