Asbestos Risk Assessment

What is ​Risk Assessment?

A risk assessment is a short report used to assist building owners & home owners in controlling and managing the risk from Asbestos Containing Materials within the property. This assessment identifies any high-risk materials, that is, those which will most readily release airborne fibres if disturbed.

How is it ​Done?

First off the surveyor will take a small sample of the material which will leave no discernible marks and will not put anyone at risk from fibre release. We will analyse the material in order to determine what kind of asbestos is present within the material and what concentration it contains.

In addition we will take into account:

Cartoon figures illustrating fibre Safe blog post
  • The location of the material
  • The extent of the material
  • The use to which the location is put
  • The occupancy of the area
  • The activities carried on in the area
  • The likelihood/frequency at which maintenance activities are likely
We will then generate a report which will show the risk that the material presents in its current state. The report will also contain photographs and recommendations on how best to deal with the asbestos and will provide advice if remedial actions are needed such as removal, encapsulation or management.

How much ​does this cost?

Each property is different and will depend on the accessibility to the asbestos and how far away from us you are; however prices start form £75.

When would ​I need this?

We carry out risk assessments all over the North West & North Wales area for commercial, industrial and private customers. Some of the main uses are for home owners buying property which contain asbestos sheds & garages, flue pipes and Artex. For commercial customers most of our risk assessments are for artex, floor tiles and ceiling tiles. Remember that the different between a home and a commercial building is that a commercial building is legally required to have a risk assessment. Homeowners tend to use this service for peace of mind and to protect the health of their families within the property.