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The construction industry has witnessed numerous innovations and materials over the years. Two such materials, Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC) and asbestos, have been in recent headline news due to their implications on health and safety, especially in educational institutions.

Home Buyers Survey – is Asbestos Covered?

What is a Home Buyers Survey?

An RICS Homebuyer Survey is a condensed version of the RICS Building Survey. However, it is a much more detailed investigation than a mortgage valuation. Essentially, the survey is a non-intrusive visual inspection that involves inspecting the home to advise on any potential defects. Nothing in the home will be touched or moved.

These surveys are conducted by RICS chartered surveyors, and they are particularly suitable for modern homes that are already in good condition. For older homes or homes with more potential defects, a Building Survey would be more beneficial.

Does this survey include asbestos surveying?

fibre safe domestic asbestos survey

Unfortunately, asbestos is not covered in a Home Buyers survey which you will find in the caveat section of the report. Occasionally the RICS will pick up the more obvious items, such as a garage roof or artex ceiling, however, it would certainly not be sufficient to identify potential hazards within the property.  Instead, you would need to enlist the help of an asbestos survey provider such as Fibre Safe. Our surveys are undertaken by time-served and competent surveyors with the prime purpose of highlighting asbestos-containing materials within the property.

What survey is available to me to locate asbestos?

A domestic asbestos survey is essential to assume whether your property may have asbestos. You should have one of these surveys conducted on the home if you are looking to purchase a property, as it can be used to gather information on how much it will cost to remediate any asbestos found within. Unfortunately, there are many examples where people have bought houses without an asbestos survey and have faced further costs to remove asbestos once they start doing renovation work.

In many cases, asbestos materials can stop essential building works such as rewires, roofing tasks and plumbing. The intrusiveness of this survey is often incredibly minor, and the finished report will contain a whole host of information from how to deal with any asbestos found, risk assessments, floorplans that highlight affected areas and much more.

asbestos home survey by fibre safe

Surveying and Testing

With a full asbestos survey, there is a responsibility from the provider to find all asbestos present within the area of surveyance. Of course, access should always be considered, and if areas cannot be reached, they cannot be tested fully. Additionally, there may be asbestos-containing materials behind walls and under floorboards that could never be located, but these will pose no threat as long as they remain undisturbed. For the areas inspected, your asbestos surveyor can be held accountable for identifying all potential risks and then, with the building owner’s consent, taking as many samples as required and testing for the presence of asbestos.

Simply put, if you want full confidence that your home is asbestos-free, get a full survey. This work will not be included in any other type of survey, and only a specialist asbestos survey carried out by a qualified asbestos surveyor will give you full peace of mind.

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As always, the best way to get accurate information specific to you and your building is to seek help from true industry experts like Fibre Safe. You can contact us online or by calling us on 0800 458 4136. For Commercial Asbestos Management Surveys, Click Here. For Domestic Asbestos Management Surveys, Click Here.


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