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The construction industry has witnessed numerous innovations and materials over the years. Two such materials, Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC) and asbestos, have been in recent headline news due to their implications on health and safety, especially in educational institutions.

Asbestos Survey Wirral

Want the most comprehensive Asbestos Survey Wirral? Then contact Fibre Safe; your leading asbestos specialists-providing a complete range of asbestos solutions across a wide spectrum of sectors in the domestic and commercial markets. Whatever your requirements may be, Fibre Safe can provide you with the very best service; drawing on all their expertise and extensive knowledge to give you a cost-effective, tailored programme to eradicate your asbestos problem.

If you need an asbestos survey in Wirral, Merseyside or throughout the North West, our name is synonymous for quality assured work. Fibre Safe has built up an enviable reputation for delivering on our promises; matching the expectations of our clients and surpassing them at every given opportunity. Whether you are a domestic householder or a large corporation, we offer the same care and dedication in the removal, management and surveying of buildings and properties with Asbestos.


Company fined £38,000 for failing to carry out Asbestos Survey.

The recent article attached details how a construction company failed to ensure the correct procedures were carried out to check for the presence of Asbestos. The company having the refurbishment work carried was fined, and the contractor was fined over £38,000.

Fibre Safe is efficient, and with attention to detail, we take the headache out of any project by meeting all deadlines; building strong relationships in the process- by working in partnership with various companies.

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Fibre Safe’s Asbestos Survey Video

Please watch our video on Asbestos Survey Wirral where we explain the types of asbestos surveys. We work with all residential customers and commercial clients. 

For any work being carried out to properties refurbished before 2000, Asbestos can still be present. It is vital that the correct surveys and asbestos tests are carried out and that all health and safety measures are adhered to, ensuring your staff are protected.


If you would like to talk to one of our specialists about your requirements, please complete the form below or call us on

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Our Qualifications and Accreditations include:

  • BOHS P402 Asbestos Surveying and Sampling
  • BOHS P405 Management of Asbestos in Buildings
  • BOHS P406 Supervision and Management of Safe Removal of Asbestos
  • ARCA (Asbestos Removal Contractors Association)
  • ARCA – Asbestos Licensed Removal Operative
  • ARCA – Asbestos Licensed Operative Supervisor
  • ARCA – Asbestos Licensed Contract Manager
  • UKATA (UK Asbestos Training Association)
  • UKATA – Asbestos Tutor
  • CIRIA – Construction Industry Research and Information Association
  • CIRIA – Asbestos in Soil

So, if you are looking for the perfect “one-stop-shop” for all asbestos solutions, please call Fibre Safe, and we will be glad to offer our services.


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