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The construction industry has witnessed numerous innovations and materials over the years. Two such materials, Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC) and asbestos, have been in recent headline news due to their implications on health and safety, especially in educational institutions.

Asbestos Roof Repair

If your asbestos roof is leaking, you may be wondering just how complex a job it will be to fix; however, it may not be as drastic as you think. Regardless of the size of the roof that you need repairing, Fibre Safe has a solution for you in the form of a robust membrane that will ensure the watertight and structural integrity of the roof.

Repair or Remove?

We often get asked about whether it is more suitable to have asbestos removed or repaired. Many people believe that the mere existence of asbestos in buildings pose a severe risk. However, asbestos only becomes a threat to health when disturbed, and its fibres are released into the air. So, providing that the asbestos can remain undisturbed in its place, it is far safer to repair the structure than replace it due to the number of harmful fibres that would be released in the demolition of the asbestos. This is reflected in the advice distributed from HSE, which guidelines state that the deconstruction of asbestos-containing materials often poses more of a threat to health than leaving it in its places.

Asbestos Roof on Garage/Outbuilding, Liverpool

Our Specialist Coating

The coating that we use on roof repairs benefits the roof in two key ways. The first is that the coating seals any leaks and damage to prevent water leakage, which is usually the primary issue that requires addressing. Secondly, the coating seals the hazardous asbestos-containing materials, reducing the chance of any disturbance and therefore reducing the chance of any health threats.

How is the coating installed?

Our specialist coating is a resin that is applied under semi-controlled conditions. First, our technicians treat the roof by removing any moss or algae from the surface. Next, a closed box system is used to clean the cement roof before all nuts, bolts and screws are tightened and secured. Two coats of resin can be applied to ensure that the roof is fully sealed and protected, and this is signed off by a third-party inspector to ensure full accountability; and lastly, the roof is provided with a 20-year guarantee.


  • Easy re-coating
  • No shrinkage or distortion once applied
  • Very little increase in bearing weight
  • It can be applied at any temperature between 3c and 60c
  • Applied in a single coat
  • Ensures long term reliability due to its incredibly UV resistance, adhesion and waterproof features.

Contact Our Team

For more information about asbestos roof repairs, read more here.

For more information about this specialist protective roof coating that can solve all of your asbestos roof repair problems, contact a member of our team for a run-through on how this solution can help your premises by filling in an enquiry form online or by calling 0151 538 3084.


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