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Fibre Safe are Asbestos Removal Experts in North Wales

We safely remove and disposed of all asbestos products including asbestos garage roofs, garages, sheds, Artex asbestos ceilings, popcorn ceilings, floor tiles, water tanks, flue pipes, and asbestos cement panels using our UKATA-trained staff.

A licensed and insured asbestos removal company in the UK is the only way to ensure you are not just hiring any company who is illegally removing and disposing of asbestos.

Throughout North Wales and the North West, we are considered to be the most competent asbestos removal experts due to our professional asbestos removal operations and our timely and quality services.

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We are a specialist asbestos removal company with our office in Wrexham, North Wales.  We hold all UKATA and BOHS accreditations as standard, from our asbestos removal operatives on site to our office staff and directors.

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We remove Asbestos from your North Wales Property Safely

There are no fewer than 4000 building products known to contain asbestos, some of which are common everyday items you might not suspect. People find asbestos not only in their homes, but also in commercial & industrial buildings, ships, agricultural structures, hospitals, schools, etc.

In a commercial premises, an asbestos survey & management plan is a legal requirement to ensure that asbestos-containing materials are not disturbed. Asbestos is found in far too many products to list them all. However, our surveyors have compiled a short video with some of the most prevalent types of asbestos-containing materials.

The handling of asbestos materials should only be done by a person who is appropriately qualified, experienced and competent. To arrange an inspection, please contact us on 01352 270 021

We cover the following areas across North Wales:

  • Wrexham
  • Deeside
  • Rhyl
  • Caernarfon
  • Holyhead
  • Llandudno
  • Prestatyn
  • Pwllheli
  • Tywyn
  • Bangor
  • St Asaph
  • Conwy
  • Snowdonia
  • Anglesey
  • Colwyn Bay
  • Denbighshire
  • Flintshire
  • Gwynedd
  • Porthmadog

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Watch our video identifying common types of asbestos


constructed before the year 2000 may still have asbestos in them


Asbestos removal is just as necessary as ever. Fibre Safe is fully committed to providing the best services possible to clients in North Wales and all over the country, not excluding those in smaller areas. Our North Wales Fibre Safe team recently took a trip over to the beautiful Isle of Anglesey to conduct some asbestos surveys and compile some asbestos management plans for some of our clients on the island. 

Asbestos is a dangerous material that can present a significant health risk to the people around it. Not only is it a toxic material, but an incredibly easy material to disturb, exacerbating its effects and its impact.

What is asbestos, and why is it dangerous?

Contrary to popular belief, asbestos isn’t manufactured; rather, it is a naturally occurring mineral that forms in the ground, which was mined worldwide. In the ’50s, ’60s and 70’s asbestos has deemed a breakthrough in building materials, with tonnes of it used in the construction industry across the country.  

Asbestos is very hard-wearing, doesn’t degrade over time, isn’t damaged by chemicals or heat and provides fantastic thermal insulation properties. However, the actual mineral contributes and causes a significant number of health problems. For example, asbestosis is a restrictive and fatal lung disease caused by exposure to asbestos. In addition, asbestos exposure has been linked to many other conditions such as lung cancer and mesothelioma. Tradespeople are the most at risk of these exposures, and sadly, asbestos exposure is linked to over 4,000 deaths per year, with this number expected to more than double in the coming years. For this reason, Fibre Safe is dedicated to improving how asbestos is viewed, understood, and managed in as many areas in the country as we can.

Fibre Safe Asbestos Removal North Wales

Our Asbestos Services

Our asbestos services range quite greatly from asbestos management, asbestos removal, asbestos training and much more. However, having a good understanding of asbestos, its effects and how to correctly manage the material is a genuinely essential skill to have for you, your employees and your company as a whole.

Another critical service we provide is an asbestos survey that will help you understand how asbestos affects your buildings and workforce. We outline key areas that need addressing and advising on the best next steps to ensure a healthy and compliant work environment.

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For more information about our asbestos services in North Wales and the surrounding areas, get in touch with one of our expert team members to receive some advice on asbestos within your company. You can send an online query through our website at or call us on 01352 270 021.