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As experts in the asbestos removal and management industry, Fibre Safe take great pride in servicing the areas in and around Liverpool. We provide our clients with a first-class service, and we have a genuine commitment and passion for improving the understanding of asbestos effects and how this impacts communities and workforces. We also have a strong dedication to helping our clients understand asbestos management and the best course of action to take in different scenarios. We work with many organisations ranging from local authorities to city councils to achieve our work and continue improving the education surrounding asbestos.

How commonly is asbestos found?

Because of the amount of time that has passed since asbestos was first introduced into building materials, you might be forgiven for thinking that asbestos isn’t found very often these days, but unfortunately, the opposite is true. Asbestos is contained in more than 4,000 building products found in everyday items, and even today, asbestos is present in many buildings across the UK, from workshops to hospitals. The ill-health effects caused by asbestos are particularly worrying, with the material causing everything from asbestosis to lung cancer. The only way to combat the prominence of asbestos and protect workforces from its effects is the proper management of the material and by ensuring that there is a solid understanding of the appropriate way to work around asbestos.  This is to ensure that buildings remain compliant, safe for the inhabitants and employees, and secure for years to come.

Asbestos Management Survey at Liverpool Lime Street – Ramsbottom Chimney

Liverpool Lime Street train station was opened in 1836, with the underground later opened in 1977. Of course, over the years, more buildings have been built and renovated within the station, but the tunnel systems, vents and chimneys all still stand from their original inception. Recently, our team visited Liverpool Lime Street to conduct some surveys to ensure that the asbestos within the station was maintained and secure. During this visit, we entered Ramsbottom Chimney Vent Tunnel, where we came across a long since unused workers break room complete with rustic kettle still on the table. We’ve posted pictures on our LinkedIn page, and it really is a small piece of history that our team stumbled upon during the survey.

Fibre Safe works closely with many clients within the city of Liverpool, from Lime Street Station to The Playhouse Theatre. The Liverpool City Council and the MRWA (Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority) don’t provide any asbestos-related services, so they recommend hiring a private contractor like Fibre Safe. It is essential that the contractor you select holds the correct waste license and can provide you with a transfer note documenting that the waste has been collected and is now in the possession of a competent and experienced company ready for disposal.

Our Services

We offer our services to many locations across the North West, including Liverpool, Wirral, North Wales and the surrounding areas. We offer a wide range of asbestos-related services such as asbestos removal, asbestos management, asbestos surveys, and even asbestos training courses for companies that want to better understand the management of asbestos. For more information on our services, contact the team at our Liverpool office on 0151 515 2342 or email

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