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Asbestos Awareness Course Liverpool

Asbestos Awareness Course Liverpool

With the world slowly but surely beginning to open its doors to normality, Fibre Safe have recommenced their face-to-face training courses to continue to increase asbestos awareness and added a supplementary course to train workers in how to safely remove low risk asbestos when they cannot possibly work around it. These courses and training programmes are utterly essential to any company and its employees when the potential of working with or around asbestos is present.

Fibre Safe Asbestos Specialists

Which asbestos training courses are available?

Fibre Safe offer two courses that encompass everything you need to know about working around or with asbestos.

The first asbestos training course, Category A – Asbestos Awareness, centres around working in an environment where asbestos is present. It focuses on how to take measures that prevent you from disturbing this asbestos while working. This is an introduction course to the health effects and potential issues that can arise from working in these environments, particularly once the asbestos is disturbed. Additionally, it will provide companies and employees with clear and concise information regarding the legalities of ensuring that workers are correctly trained in working in an environment where asbestos is present.

The second asbestos training course, Category B – Asbestos Training Non-Licensed Removal, focuses on how to safely remove low risk asbestos when you cannot complete the necessary work without disturbing the asbestos. This typically requires the removal of Asbestos Containing Materials, (ACMs) that fall under non-licensed removal of asbestos. The course will demonstrate and clarify the correct control measures required to stop the spread of asbestos and contain the fibres during this type of work.  Please be aware that the Health and Safety Executive clearly state that the proper training should be given to any employee carrying out these kinds of tasks and that asbestos awareness would not be sufficient to remove asbestos. 

Fibre Safe Asbestos Specialists

Why is the asbestos awareness course important?

There is still a worrying number of companies that do not understand the legalities of working with or handling of asbestos containing materials.  Clients need to be clear enough to make educated decisions on scenarios that involve the material, and the potential hazards should be considered at the forefront of those decisions. There is no better way to garner a good knowledge base on how best to handle asbestos than one of Fibre Safe’s training courses.

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