Maritime Asbestos Solutions

Ship owners and ports are no exceptions to asbestos dangers and risks. You may be surprised to discover just how many ships and port buildings contain high levels of asbestos that must be managed properly, especially for operational ships. Marine settings require a different approach to asbestos surveys due to their unique design and construction. Ships are often subjected to hostile environmental conditions such as shocks, vibration, rolling, pitching, swaying and slamming.

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Asbestos Survey Liverpool

Shortly before the festive period, our team headed over to Brunswick Dock in Liverpool to perform some routine asbestos surveys and checks on the old buildings on the dock. Originally built in 1827, the docks are an incredible part of the local history, and our team always love working on these great historical buildings.

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Asbestos Management Liverpool

Fibre Safe works closely with many clients within the city of Liverpool, from Lime Street Station to The Playhouse Theatre. The Liverpool City Council and the MRWA (Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority) don’t provide any asbestos-related services, so they recommend hiring a private contractor like Fibre Safe.

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Asbestos Roof Repair

If your asbestos roof is leaking, you may be wondering just how complex a job it will be to fix; however, it may not be as drastic as you think. Regardless of the size of the roof that you need repairing, Fibre Safe has a solution for you in the form of a robust membrane that will ensure the watertight and structural integrity of the roof.

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Asbestos Surveys for Schools

Fibre Safe offers Asbestos Management to schools, businesses and residential homes across many areas stretching from North Wales to Liverpool. Our mission is to improve the understanding of asbestos throughout businesses and homes and the knowledge on how best to handle it. A massive cause for concern is the number of asbestos-related diseases that have been linked to CLASP schools.

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