Are you suffering from a leaking asbestos roof?

No matter the size of the roof, there is a solution for this problem in the form of a strong and watertight protective membrane that can protect your roof from the elements


Regardless of the leaks in the roof, this protective coating will ensure that you can carry on work inside your premises safe in the knowledge that no more water will breach the roof.

Repair or Remove?

We get asked quite frequently whether it’s safer to have the roof removed rather than replaced?

According to the official HSE guidelines, it’s much safer to leave an asbestos roof just where it is, providing that the asbestos cement is undamaged and undisturbed.

The dismantling of the roof can generate far more issues than repairing it ever could as the hazardous fibres are disturbed and released.

On top of the health issues, there is also the cost of the removal to factor in too, which is rarely cheap.

Preparation of a roof for coating

Our Specialist Coating​

Our specialist repair coating is very popular with industrial asbestos roof repairs. The coating will protect the roof from any leaks and lock in all the hazardous materials, making it much more secure for everyone working under or in the vicinity of the roof.

Exposure is no longer as much of a worry, the roof is protected and operational, and your business saves a considerable amount of money on the removal and rebuilding.

The coating can also be implemented without any need to halt operations, which would not be the case for roof removal.

Industrial Asbestos Roof Repair

So, what exactly is the coating, and how is it installed? The coating is a specialist resin applied under semi controlled conditions. Our technicians first treat the remove by algae and moss to show the extent of the surface and any visible damage.

We then fully clean the cement roof by means of a closed box system and waste water capture system. The technicians then seal all bolts, holes, screws etc to prevent any future water ingress. Once the initial cleaning works are completed, our technicians apply at least two coats of the resin to the surface of the roof. Upon completion, the project is signed of by an independent 3rd party auditor who will inspect the work and ensure he is happy to put his name to the job.

The resin then provides a new lease of life for the roof, prevents water ingress and comes with a 20-year guarantee. It’s designed for industrial roofs of all shapes and sizes, meaning that you won’t have to halt operations while the work is carried out, which is a massive benefit for many businesses.

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Progress being made on a new coating



Easy re-coating over the lifetime of the roof.

No shrinkage

No shrinkage or distortion once the coating has been applied.


We provide you with a 20-year product warranty.


Application at any temperature between 3℃ and 60℃.


We apply the coating in a single coat.


UV resistant, adhesive and waterproof features.

Damp tolerant

Damp tolerant during application.

Solvent Free

Solvent, Isocyanate and VOC Free.

Less Damage

The coating is less prone to bird damage.

Minimum weight gain

Minimum weight gain after application.

High Elasticity

Handles normal thermal movement with a high elasticity.


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