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Domestic Asbestos Removal

Our team can safely and discretely remove asbestos from your property. Our asbestos removal services cover both private and social housing, and we work with local authorities.
The removal of asbestos does not necessarily require the involvement of a specialist asbestos company; however, to ensure safety, the work should be carried out by a qualified and appropriately trained company. Unfortunately, many builders do not follow the strict specifications set by the HSE; placing themselves and the occupants of the house at risk.

Terry Hayes
Domestic Customer
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Great service by professionals. It's obvious the two workmen knew what they were doing. Friendly and polite, there was no mess left when they were finished, and I would highly recommend their services. Many thanks!

The simple answer is that you won’t. In order to property determine if you home contains asbestos you will need to appoint a qualified and competent surveyor who will assess your home and take samples of any suspected asbestos materials. These samples will then be sent to an independent UKAS accredited laboratory for analysis. Upon receiving the results the surveyor will produce a report showing the Type, Location and Condition of all asbestos in your home.

It depends upon the type f asbestos found, the amount of asbestos contained in the product, the condition of the product and how likely to be disturbed the asbestos is. Some asbestos is fine to live with and never needs to be removed. Some needs to be repaired, some isolated or painted and others need to be removed immediately to prevent exposure. The first step to determine this is to give us a call on 0800 458 4136

Yes you can remove some of the more minor types of asbestos yourself. Please remember that they will need to be removed carefully under controlled conditions. You will need genuine overalls that are for asbestos removal and a mask with a P3 filter. The asbestos must be wrapped in polythene and taken to a local site which takes hazardous waste. I would advise that you give us a call before you do this.

You can take it to a commercial hazardous waste site who will charge you according to the weight or you can try your local tip who sometimes take hazardous waste once a month if its booked in. Please don’t just turn up at your local tip with hazardous waste without calling.

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Commercial Asbestos Removal

Asbestos removal has been undertaken by Fibre Safe Ltd in a variety of commercial, including office buildings, schools, factories, hospitals, educational facilities, and industrial facilities. In order to ensure the safety and professionalism of you and your workforce, we carry out all asbestos removal work to the highest standards, ensuring compliance with all applicable health, safety, and environmental regulations. Our commitment to timely response, client satisfaction, and quality of work is unwavering no matter what environment we work in.

Karen Lloyd
Commercial Customer
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Great service from all, from Catherine on the phone who was so lovely and friendly, really quick quote from Phil and the removal of the roof was dealt with quickly and efficiently by Paul and David. Very happy with the price, would highly recommend this company, thanks all.

No not at all. Removal of asbestos is always the last option in our books. Asbestos is only dangerous if it is disturbed and therefore no remedial actions may be needed. It depends upon where the asbestos is, the condition of the material and how likely to be disturbed it is. Other remedial actions may include encapsulation, isolation, or repairs.

No unfortunately you are going to have to pay in full for the works however you can get tax relief on a survey. As part of the government’s urban regeneration scheme, under the Finance Act 2001, it is possible to claim 150% of the cost of asbestos remediation against your company’s profits as tax relief. For example: if asbestos removal costs £10,000 a company can deduct £15,000 from their taxable income. This also means that if the company made a loss, then they could be eligible for a cash rebate. This concession only applies to UK registered companies and does not apply if the building or land was owned by the company when the asbestos was originally imported. Ask your company’s accountant or financial advisor for more information on how this might apply to you.

As a commercial property owner you have a legal duty to manage asbestos at your premises under the Control of Asbestos (CAR2006) regulations. Whilst the day-to-day management of asbestos can be delegated to a manager or management company, the legal duty cannot be delegated and the property owner is still ultimately responsible for ensuring that any appointed persons are competent to fulfil the responsibilities laid out under this duty

You must create an asbestos management plan using up to date information about asbestos in the building and perform risk assessments. This can be quite a tricky subject and we wold advise that you give us a call for consultation.

Give us a Call

Whether you are a commercial enterprise or a homeowner call us to discuss your need.
Marissa Carrington
Domestic Customer
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Can’t recommend them enough - as first time buyer renovating our home fibre safe came to the rescue when we discovered the possibility of asbestos in our artex ceilings (thankfully results are negative!!) Very quick, professional and reliable will definitely use again should we ever need to in the future!
Gemma Taylor
Domestic Customer
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Really helpful from start to finish, Cath helped me choose exactly what type of survey I needed, explained all costs involved and the whole process was completed quickly and smoothly. Really pleased with their service and highly recommend!
Joseph Amo
Domestic Customer
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So glad I went with my instincts and used Fibre Safe to conduct a full asbestos survey on my house in advance of forthcoming extensive renovation work. They have proved themselves to be excellent. Communication with them has been great, responsiveness to questions as they’ve come up has been very prompt and helpful and the survey was arranged quickly, took place on time and was done very efficiently, thoroughly and with no disruption.
George Pearson
Domestic Customer
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Very easy to deal with and really impressed with Phil, who took the time to explain the processes and what is required. No only did I feel like a valued customer, I was very reassured that this removal was being handled correctly & efficiently.

Why Choose Fibre Safe?

All of our survey reports are presented in a clear, structured and useable format. Fibre Safe’s dedicated team of professional asbestos consultants have a proven track record of providing bespoke, practical and affordable asbestos solutions to domestic and commercial clients.

We also provide asbestos management services and consultancy, including asbestos removal project management, asbestos testing, and asbestos awareness training courses.

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can be found in any property built before the year 2000