Maritime & Offshore

Fibre Safe Ltd can assist ship owners and ports in managing their asbestos by conducting a comprehensive survey or re-inspection of their vessel.

Marine inspections require a different approach to that of buildings. Ships are often subjected to hostile environmental conditions such as shocks, vibration, rolling, pitching, swaying and slamming.

Marine asbestos services on ships can be particularly challenging due to the time constraints of the vessel being docked, as well as working alongside other trades and within confined spaces.

Dependent of the type of vessel, most will require heavy maintenance, repairs and upgrading throughout their life span which is when the asbestos tends to be disturbed.

Phil Keary Fibre Safe working at the docks
We have a proven track record of efficiently managing asbestos projects on ships, keeping to the strict deadlines and exceeding the client’s expectations.

Our marine services include:

  • Asbestos surveys and testing
  • Asbestos encapsulation
  • Asbestos removal works

Our specialist team have a thorough understanding of the ships structure and an understanding of the mechanics which helps to locate where asbestos will potentially be used throughout the vessel. For more information on our marine services, contact our office on 0800 458 4136. For our latest maritime work click here.