Tenant FAQ

If you are a tenant in a commercial property then your duty to manage asbestos will depend on the terms of your lease and whether or not you are responsible for maintenance.

If this duty is not yours, you are still required to co-operate as far as is necessary to enable your landlord to comply with their responsibilities.

In cases of shared responsibility the duty to manage and the costs involved are also shared and effective communication between the various duty holders is essential.

If you are a tenant in a domestic property your landlord has a duty under the ‘Defective Premises Act 1972’ to take reasonable care to see that tenants and visitors are safe from personal injury or disease caused by a defect in the state of the premises which whilst not specifically mentioned also includes asbestos.

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There is no specific requirement for an asbestos survey in home that you are a tenant in however it is a requirement in any communal areas such as the stairwell, entrance hall, lifts and loft voids.

The duty Holder or person responsible for maintenance should have commissioned an asbestos survey to establish this by now. If you are responsible for maintenance then this is your responsibility and you need to give s a call immediately. If this is your landlord’s role, ask him for a copy of the report.

There is no legal requirement for an asbestos survey on a domestic property unless it is to undergo refurbishment. If this is the case the landlord will need to commission a survey before any works are started,

No, many houses in the UK contain asbestos and there is no legal requirement to remove. The material just needs to be kept in good condition and away from disturbance. Please note however, that it is illegal to sell any type of asbestos product in the UK including second hand material such as roof sheets or floor tiles.

Give us a call and one of our operatives will come out and take a sample. We will then analyse the material and provide you with a certificate showing if it is asbestos free of the type and concentration of asbestos found within it.

Exit the room immediately and close the door. If possible wet a towel and place it at the bottom of the door to prevent any fibres from blowing out with the draft. Then give us a call and one of our operatives will pop down to assess the situation.

Yes, we can arrange for the provision of air testing in the property which will determine if there are asbestos fibres present in the air. Give us a call for further information and pricing.