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Our Surveys

Fibre Safe conducts asbestos surveys for a diverse range of residential and commercial properties, both large and small, across the Wirral and throughout Merseyside. These surveys typically include sampling and analysis to determine whether asbestos or Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) are present.

Our Expertise

Our expertise and knowledge ensures you meet all relevant legislations, laws, and safety measures necessary for safe management of asbestos. We provide guidance on asbestos surveys, removal, monitoring, and even training, in addition to performing inspections on both commercial and residential properties.

Our Knowledge

Asbestos began to be widely used in construction during the 1920s, hitting its highest levels of use in the 1960s and 1970s. Unfortunately, Merseyside is one of the areas most affected by asbestos-related deaths due to the significant amounts of asbestos used in the city, with asbestos Containing Materials still found in many properties across the region.

Fibre Safe provides Asbestos Survey services to businesses and homeowners in many areas across the Wirral, Merseyside and Northwest of England and North Wales. It’s our mission to improve not just the understanding of asbestos but also how best to handle it.

It cannot be understated just how essential an Asbestos Survey is to conduct before any building work is carried out by a contractor or yourself.

These surveys are required for soft strips, demolition work and refurbishment works. We also provide host of different surveys that may be required on different buildings or structures.

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Across the Wirral, Fibre Safe provides a comprehensive range of asbestos surveys, catering to commercial and residential property owners. We adhere to UKAS standards (United Kingdom Accreditation Service). All our team members, from asbestos surveyors to office staff and directors, possess the necessary UKATA or BOHS certifications.

Asbestos Surveys and Reports

Our surveys adhere to the standards and guidelines set by the HSE document HSG264 and the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. It’s now mandatory to manage asbestos-containing materials in all commercial properties in the UK, with certain domestic properties, like communal areas in flats, also falling under this requirement.

Our reports are easy to understand and pinpoint all asbestos locations in a building, detailing crucial information like the type of asbestos, its location, extent, and condition. Each report consolidates our findings, laboratory test results of all examined materials, and an asbestos register for the property. After issuing the report, if needed, our asbestos surveyor can meet with you on-site or discuss over the phone the identified materials, their implications and to agree an asbestos removal plan if required.

Asbestos surveys have become standard for home buyers, leaseholders, or freeholders involved in property transactions. Both parties’ solicitors often request an asbestos inspection before finalising the deal. Whether you need an asbestos survey for a single property, a portfolio, or just testing a suspicious material, Fibre Safe is here to help, no matter the scale of the concern.

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can be found in any property​ built before the year 2000

Most Common Asbestos Containing Materials

Here are some of the most common ACMs found in our asbestos surveys
for residential properties and commercial.

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Types of Asbestos Surveys

Our surveys cover all property types regardless of size or class of use: residential, commercial, industrial or mixed. Our experienced team are able to determine the type of survey required to meet your specific needs of the property concerned.

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Domestic Asbestos Survey Wirral​

A domestic asbestos survey is an integral part of the house buying process. An asbestos survey conducted on a property, pre-purchase, lets you gather info on any potential costs to remove the asbestos or manage the asbestos. It also makes sure your future home is safe to work on, with knowledge of any Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) in the property.

There are always examples in house purchases without an asbestos survey, where buyers are landed with tens of thousands of pounds of remedial works which were needed. In many cases, the ACMs can stop essential building works such as rewires, roofing tasks and plumbing.

The intrusiveness of a domestic asbestos survey is often incredibly minor, and the finished report will contain all the information you need. How to deal with asbestos found, risk assessments, floorplans with affected areas highlighted and much more.

Asbestos Management Survey

This type of survey replaced the old ‘Type 2’ survey and is a legal requirement for non-domestic buildings built before 2000. HSE has handed out numerous fines to companies that haven’t had this survey conducted.

The purpose of this survey is to locate the presence and potential impact of asbestos on a building that could be potentially disturbed during normal occupancy. The survey will contribute towards a report that will provide an asbestos management plan.

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asbestos removal ellesmere Port

Pre-Demolition and Refurbishment Survey

A refurbishment survey is conducted before any demolition or refurbishment work to locate any asbestos containing materials and help the owner control or remove them before any work can be conducted for the safety of the contractors conducting the refurbishment.

Land Contamination Survey

A unique yet vital survey, especially for certain businesses. Asbestos isn’t restricted to building materials; it can also be present in the soil surrounding a structure. Our ‘Asbestos in Soil’ initiative detects asbestos fibres in your property’s environment, subsequently crafting a management blueprint. Read our guide on contaminated land surveys here.

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constructed before the year 2000 may still have asbestos in them