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Fibre Safe carry out asbestos surveys Liverpool and throughout Merseyside on all kinds of residential and commercial properties, large and small. Our surveys usually involve sampling and analysis to confirm the presence or absence of asbestos or Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs).

Our Expertise

We have the knowledge and expertise to help you comply with ALL the relevant legislation. Our experienced asbestos consultants and surveyors advise on all aspects of asbestos surveys, removal, monitoring and training as well as undertaking inspections of commercial or residential properties.

Our Knowledge

The use of asbestos started in the building industry during the 1920s but reached peak usage in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Liverpool is sadly one of the hot spots for asbestos related deaths due to the level of asbestos imported. ACMs are still present throughout properties in Liverpool.

Do I Need an Asbestos Survey?

The purpose of an asbestos inspections and asbestos surveys is to locate the presence and extent of any asbestos containing materials in a building. (ACMs). It’s very common to find asbestos-based materials in residential buildings, but in most cases there’s no cause for alarm.

Our asbestos management surveys, detail the precise location, assessment, and management of asbestos within a property. In addition, our surveys identify the type of material that contains asbestos. This specific survey is non-intrusive and causes only minor disruption, focusing on ensuring ongoing management and safety without extensive interference with the property structure.

If you don’t actually require a full inspection and just need some suspect material to be tested for asbestos, then our asbestos testing service is ideal for you.

If you would like a fast, free quote for an asbestos survey Liverpool, complete the enquiry form or call us directly on 0151 538 3084 and one of our team will be able to help.

Fibre Safe Asbestos Surveys Liverpool

Asbestos in Liverpool

can be found in any property​ built before the year 2000

Most Common Asbestos Containing Materials

Here are some of the most common ACMs found in our commercial and residential asbestos surveys
across Liverpool & Merseyside.

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Types of Asbestos Surveys We Provide in Liverpool

Our surveys cover all property types regardless of size or class of use: residential, commercial, industrial or mixed. We always have an experienced team at hand to recommend the best type of survey required to meet your specific needs of the property concerned.

Fibre Safe Asbestos Surveys Liverpool

Residential Asbestos Surveys Liverpool

Although there is no legal requirement for you to carry out a domestic asbestos survey, there is still a chance that asbestos is present in a domestic property and this can complicate the buying and selling of your home.

Please note that a Homebuyers Report and/or Building Survey Report is not a specialist Home Buyers Asbestos Report. If you have had a homebuyer’s report completed, you may find that the surveyor mentions potential asbestos but there will be no testing carried out. In this situation we recommend a full asbestos survey to be carried out.

With each survey we also provide a free quote to remove any ACMs.

If you’d like a fast, free quote for your asbestos survey in Liverpool, please call us direct on 0151 538 3084 or send a message, and one of our team will be in touch as soon as possible.

Commercial Asbestos Surveys Liverpool

If you own or maintain non-domestic premises that were built before the year 2000, then it is a legal requirement for you to have had this property surveyed by a qualified asbestos specialist. Furthermore Refurbishment-Demolition asbestos surveys must be undertaken on properties which are due to be refurbished or demolished.

The aim of this survey type is to survey the property in question for asbestos containing materials so as these can be managed safely or as is usually the case removed safely in line with the regulations before renovation work starts. It sets out to establish the location, extent and condition of asbestos throughout the property so that an asbestos risk assessment can be made. We are able to advise how to manage any asbestos before works commence so that a builder or demolition contractor working in a property containing asbestos can do so safely.

We also undertake re-inspections of current asbestos surveys as part of our management services.

If you would like to book an inspection, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0151 538 3084 or email us at

Fibre Safe Asbestos Surveys Liverpool
asbestos survey Liverpool,asbestos surveyor Liverpool,Asbestos Liverpool

Asbestos Management Survey Liverpool

This type of survey replaced the old ‘Type 2’ survey and is a legal requirement for non-domestic buildings built before 2000. HSE has handed out numerous fines to companies that haven’t had this survey conducted.

The purpose of this survey is to locate the presence and potential impact of asbestos on a building that could be potentially disturbed during normal occupancy. The survey will contribute towards a report that will provide an asbestos management plan.

Pre-Demolition & Refurbishment Survey for Asbestos Liverpool

A refurbishment survey is conducted before any demolition or refurbishment work to locate any asbestos containing materials and help the owner control or remove them before any work can be conducted for the safety of the contractors conducting the refurbishment.

asbestos survey Liverpool,asbestos surveyor Liverpool,Asbestos Liverpool
asbestos survey Liverpool,asbestos surveyor Liverpool,Asbestos Liverpool

Land Contamination Survey

A unique yet vital survey, especially for certain businesses. Asbestos isn’t restricted to building materials; it can also be present in the soil surrounding a structure. Our ‘Asbestos in Soil’ initiative detects asbestos fibres in your property’s environment, subsequently crafting a management blueprint. Read our guide on contaminated land surveys here.

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Removing Asbestos from Liverpool Safely

Asbestos is known to be in over 4000 different building products, many of which are common everyday items that you wouldn’t suspect. Asbestos is not just found in people’s homes, but also commercial & industrial buildings, ships, agricultural structures, hospitals, schools etc.

Please remember that asbestos materials should only be handled by an appropriately trained, qualified and competent person. If you would like to book a survey, then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0151 538 3084

asbestos removal from your home

We cover the following areas across Liverpool:

  • Aigburth
  • Allerton
  • Anfield
  • Belle Vale
  • Broadgreen
  • Bootle
  • Childwall
  • Croxteth
  • Crosby
  • Dovecot
  • Edge Hill
  • Everton
  • Fazakerley
  • Formby
  • Garston
  • Gateacre
  • Gillmoss
  • Grassendale
  • Great Altcar
  • Hightown
  • Halewood
  • Hunt’s Cross
  • Huyton
  • Kirkdale
  • Kirby
  • Knowsley
  • Maghull
  • Mossley Hill
  • New Hall
  • St Michael’s Hamlet
  • Sefton Park
  • Speke
  • Prescot
  • Tuebrook
  • Tarbock Green
  • Vauxhall
  • Walton
  • Woolton

Asbestos Surveys Liverpool

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Over 3500

known products contain asbestos

Why Choose Fibre Safe

For Asbestos Surveys Liverpool

All of our survey reports are presented in a clear, structured and useable format.

Fibre Safe’s dedicated team of professional asbestos consultants have a proven track record of providing bespoke, practical and affordable asbestos solutions to domestic and commercial clients throughout Liverpool and Merseyside.

asbestos survey Liverpool,asbestos surveyor Liverpool,Asbestos Liverpool
asbestos survey Liverpool,asbestos surveyor Liverpool,Asbestos Liverpool

We also provide asbestos management services and consultancy, including asbestos removal project management, asbestos testing, and asbestos awareness training courses.

For licenced asbestos testing in Liverpool, contact Fibre Safe on 0151 538 3084 or email us at


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Frequently Asked Questions

We're Here To Help You

What range of asbestos services are available in Liverpool and Merseyside?

Our experience and highest level of training our operatives at Fibre Safe allows us to provide an extensive range of domestic and commercial asbestos services across Liverpool and the North West.

In Liverpool, Fibre Safe offers a full suite of services for managing and handling. We carry out asbestos surveys, conduct testing, and assist in creating custom asbestos asbestos management plans that cater to the unique needs of clients. Our services are designed to ensure compliance and safety regarding asbestos for both businesses and individuals.

Fibre Safe offers its services in across the Liverpool City Region, Merseyside and across the North West.

To name a few, we regularly serve clients in central Liverpool, Sefton Park, St Helens, Southport, Bootle, Crosby, Kirkby, Prescot, Formby, Newton-le-Willows, Halewood, Litherland, Haydock, Huyton, Maghull, Kirkdale, Woolton, Speke, Wavertree.

Businesses in Liverpool can ensure asbestos compliance by contacting Fibre Safe to conduct detailed asbestos surveys and testing for buildings constructed before 2000, as mandated by the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

Fibre Safe offers extensive services not just in central Liverpool but also in surrounding Merseyside areas. Our expert, highly trained and certified team tailor our asbestos compliance solutions to meet the unique requirements of each client, whether for a single building or multiple properties across diverse sectors like commercial, retail, and industrial. Furthermore, to facilitate ongoing legal compliance and safety, we offer consultancy services and management plans.

Businesses looking to meet all legal requirements and maintain safe environments in Liverpool, call Fibre Safe today 0151 538 3084.

In Liverpool, as in other parts of the UK, the legal requirements for managing asbestos in commercial properties are clearly defined under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012. These regulations mandate that owners and those in control of non-domestic buildings constructed before 2000 must carry out an asbestos survey. If the survey indicates the presence of asbestos, it is also mandatory to develop and implement a comprehensive asbestos management plan.

Call or email to discuss your asbestos concerns. Speak directly with one of our experienced specialists who will understand your specific requirements and concerns. We always provide personalised, professional advice suited to your situation, quickly and efficiently.

Call: 0151 538 3084

If you would like to book an inspection or need more detailed guidance, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re here to provide you with all the information you need to address your asbestos related concerns with safety and with confidence.

The cost of an asbestos survey for properties in Liverpool can vary widely, depending on factors such as the size of the property and the amount of asbestos present. To get an accurate price estimate tailored to your specific situation, speak to a member of our team and we can provide a more accurate cost estimate for your asbestos survey, taking into account the unique aspects of your building. Call Fibre Safe today on 0151 538 3084 or email at,

The cost of managing asbestos in Liverpool varies depending on several factors specific to each property. The overall price is influenced by the size of the building, and the volume of asbestos present. For an accurate price estimate, speak to a member of our team directly to get detailed information and pricing. Call Fibre Safe today on 0151 538 3084 or email at,